Today is only give attentions to Geta day and do nothing else. He doesn’t seem to want me to paint or help boyfriend go through his mtg binders

And now for to wait for sunrise

Two faces mostly done two to go. I think I will be calling it a day once I finish with my white and gray getting dark.

Guess who!

Next project.

Look at this stack of cards I think are pretty. This is why you don’t let me look through boxes of cards for things to paint.

I shouldn’t be allowed to look at my boyfriends box of mtg cards

I’m pulling out all the ones I think are pretty and would be fun to paint, thought it would only be a few but noooo its a very large stack of pretty cards. Woe is me…

In other news he might let me paint some of his Baneslayer Angels, and I totally pulled another Doom Blade playset out of the box since the last set sold <.<

Had so much fun with this one, got to smear paint everywhere for the wispy effects.

Card Alter Tutorial/Just’Cuz Video


Okay you guys

I’m going to pick a card at random, and make a video of altering, step by step, and I might add little connotations to make it a tutorial. It might be a commissioned card or just a for-fun card, not sure yet. But this way y’all can 1) see how I do it 2) get a better idea of how to alter your own cards 3) have a thing

Until then, or until I’ve finished my next cards to show y’all!


Recommend doing a just for fun card, as you are going to have to be just as focused on your hand placement as you are your painting. I’ve streamed a mini painting before and its real tedious, to keep your hands out of the way so your viewers can see.

Almost done! Just a few more details then its clean up time.